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Network promotion platform innovation packaging machinery industry marketing new pattern

Network promotion platform innovation packaging machinery industry marketing new pattern


According to a statistics show that at present domestic packaging machinery production and processing enterprises up to more than 7000, but 95% is for the small and medium-sized enterprise competitiveness is not strong, and these companies relying on traditional offline market improve enterprise economic benefits. Jian-guo ni packaging machinery industry experts pointed out that the traditional offline purchase and sales model, not only greatly increase the enterprise operating costs, compress the profit margins, and very conducive to product circulation between producing and purchasing enterprises, which limits the development of the industry, it highlights more obvious in the era of network technology.

The personage inside course of study points out that the emergence of various web site platform, integrated the traditional off-line marketing and the double advantage of e-commerce market, not only help packing machinery manufacturing enterprises to reduce operating costs, expand sales channels, to open up a broader market, more help balance industry product supply and demand, realize no geographical restrictions, no time limit of trade, development and prosperity of the industry. Jian-guo ni also said: I hope by building a variety of e-commerce platform, for the majority of merchants and consumers to provide a fairer and more efficient, more broad market platform and information resources.

At present, the packaging machinery industry in China has made rapid development, under the background of economic globalization trend to strengthen, its comprehensive strength with foreign developed countries there is a certain gap, but the emergence of all kinds of website promotion platform for the development of packaging machinery industry in China has opened up a new marketing way, this means that the packaging machinery industry in our country is developing towards the future informatization, network, and it is also the inevitable trend of future development.


Information source: 09:42 July 16, 2013  China commercial telecommunications network